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“Unity is power; without unity women cannot fight for their rights anywhere.”

Public Sector Governance Reform

Good governance is essential to achieving positive developmental outcomes across all sectors. Our approach to governance reform is based upon a thorough analysis, allowing an understanding of what is achievable given each situation’s particular circumstances. This approach incorporates an in-depth political economy analysis, and also considers factors relating to local traditions, culture, social norms, ecology, conflict, livelihoods – and issues such as gender, age, religion, indigeneity and social exclusion.

Pakistan Empowerment & Accountability for Better Health & Nutrition

Location: Peshawar, Lahore & Islamabad, Pakistan

We provided technical direction to the DFID-funded EVA programme’s PEA and strategy development. The programme enabled citizens to demand better services, and hold service providers to account in the reproductive, maternal, and new-born child health and nutrition sector – at sub-national and local levels.

Areas of focus

Our work on this programme involved public awareness campaigns, advocacy, mobilising tactics, lobbying, capacity building, and assembling the requisite coalitions and partnership to develop a politically-aware and locally-led approach to accountability. EVA empowers community groups at various levels of government, with basic level political economy tools to help them translate citizen demand and voice into accountable governance and results.

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