Fair Work First Committment Statement

FHI 360 UK is fully committed to the principles of Fair Work First, which align closely with the dimensions of Fair Work. Our commitment has been developed in close collaboration with our workforce, ensuring their views, needs, and aspirations are central to our approach.

We are dedicated to providing a decent standard of living and income for all employees, offering security of contracts, including hours and earnings, as well as additional entitlements such as sick pay and pension benefits. Moreover, we foster an environment where workers’ voices are actively sought, listened to, and have the opportunity to make a difference.
We believe in providing opportunities for all employees to learn, develop, and progress within the organization. We prioritise creating a healthy and safe work environment, actively supporting individuals’ wellbeing and promoting a good work-life balance.

Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that every employee feels valued, respected, and has a sense of purpose both within the workplace and in wider society. We strive to maintain a fair, diverse, and inclusive workforce, recognising that this diversity fosters innovation and productivity.

We understand that these elements reinforce each other, creating a virtuous circle of positive practices, behaviours, attitudes, and outcomes that contribute to the growth and prosperity of our organisation. Fair Work is essential for supporting both people and businesses to flourish, fostering a modern, high-value, and inclusive economy now and in the future.

At FHI 360 UK we recognize that Fair Work is an agenda for all, necessitating us to go beyond statutory employment rights and protections, particularly concerning equality in the workplace. By championing Fair Work principles, we empower our workforce to actively shape our organization, develop their skills, and contribute to our collective success. Talent is at the heart of our operation, and by promoting Fair Work, we ensure that our employees play a full and active role in driving productivity, performance, and innovation, ultimately leading to healthier, wealthier, and more inclusive societies.