We believe in...

Good governance

We believe that without good governance services can’t be delivered, people suffer, and communities struggle to escape the poverty trap. We know that governance is about citizen engagement, and a number of working parts coming together seamlessly. Finance, citizen engagement, transparency, oversight, equity, and fairness are all vital ingredients – along with compassion for those who are suffering the most. Only when people can trust their government can the state effectively provide the protections and services that are responsive to people’s needs. 

Being politically smart

We’re about solutions that combine indigenous knowledge with international best practice; delivering practicable solutions that are mindful of the political realities where we operate. We always bring the very best possible technical expertise to find workable solutions to governance problems in developing countries – and we always endeavour to bring strong political analysis, an appreciation of the local context, and a strategic flexibility to program design and implementation.

Team work

We work closely with our expert team of trusted consultants, and a network of global partners (citizens, civil society, media, and government); bringing the highest quality of thinking to every project – supported by resources and technical guidance from our own corporate experience in applying what works. We value team work, guided by respect and collaboration at all times – but not without fostering a grown-up environment in which it’s always okay to challenge each other (and ourselves) to be, and do, better. An environment in which new ideas are always heard.

Innovative solutions

We continually challenge ourselves and others to act and think with creativity and innovation; recognising that we can change what we can, and taking a practical approach to what we can’t easily change. But we don’t give up. We apply strategic thinking to address those knotty problems. The success of this approach can be seen in our perseverance where the odds were stacked against us – such as ensuring salary payments to citizens in Gaza during the worst parts of the conflict; helping to build a whole of government approach to Nigeria’s Social Investment Programme; and bringing in citizen voice to tackle some of the most challenging issues in Zimbabwe.

Compassion and respect

We believe that trust, respect, and compassion are crucial ingredients for a state to effectively provide the protections and services people need to survive and flourish. At Konung International we practice these values in everything we do. We are sensitive to the local culture, and the communities where we work – and always put people first. We exist to deliver an improved quality of life, and enhanced prosperity for communities in the developing world. 

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